These works are derived from the same six plates cut into varied simple shapes. The hard edge contours of the largest plate are contrasted with soft bands of gradual transitions of light to dark through the use of aquatint. Other plates are developed with subtle shifts in value again related to the plates’ edges. The plates are treated as modular units resulting in many varied formats. Sometimes they are inked, printed, re-inked, rotated and printed in a different color on top of the initial print. The process continues adding more superimposed layers and more colors which are determined by how they will mix in their translucency on the page. Because the shapes were measured to relate to each other before they were cut, juxtapositions are often introduced in the compositions. Many of the prints with their complex layers required numerous passes through the press. (Each print was created as one-of-a-kind entity. Not all plates were used in each print). In creating these works the repetitive nature of the process allowed me to feel a sort of rhythm to my time in the studio.